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In my paintings, I have tried to hold onto my 10 year old imagination and incorporate some abstract colors or shapes. There is a long way for me to go, when it comes to technique and precision, however, I believe that the progress I’ve made from simple beaches and fantasy sceneries, is vast. My dream, when it comes to painting, is to fill a 5 foot by 5 foot canvas with snippets of my childhood and personality. I hope you enjoy my paintings because I know I had a lot of fun making them. Thank you!

My name is Sameeksha Guha and I am a rising junior at Centennial High School. I have many hobbies that somehow always end up including painting, music, theatre, or dance.  I love to experiment with new mediums of art and never say no to new experiences. I have been dancing for 13 years now and painting for probably half of that.  However, the amount of love I feel towards both of them is equal.


My art is inspired by many things in my life. In 2013, when I first started learning to paint and experiment with mediums other than colored pencils and crayons, I began to realize how much fun, to put in simple terms, art was. I learned how to express myself through the colors and techniques I used. For example, one of my first paintings, was that of a lush green field with butterflies and a huge vibrant rainbow. Because of my immense interest in Barbie movies, fairies, and mermaids at the time, I wanted to recreate an image from my imagination where these mermaids and fairies could live. As I grew up, I started drifting from the fictional world to reality and began painting and sketching still life, birds, and buildings. My exhibition is a representation of this transition. 

Parent Testimonial

Sameeksha has been an emotional child from when she was little. She has been able to appreciate some of the smaller and finer aspects of relationships and life in general because of this. However, it is not always easy for small children and then teenagers to express themselves. Art has been one of those tools for Sameeksha that has helped her to express herself at various times. She has been associated with art from a very young age because she enjoys colors and exploring with various mediums. The focus during her elementary years had been predominantly on simply having fun at art class. As she stepped through middle school and then later entered high school, academic stress increased and there was a choice to be made regarding which extra-curricular activities she would want to continue. Art was one thing that she certainly did not want to give up. As a parent, I have noticed that art classes with Shikha have helped her de-stress, unwind and rejuvenate! I hope that she continues to enjoy and find refuge in art throughout her life.

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