Why is Art Education important for our kids?


1. Development of problem-solving skills and creative thinking. The process of making art is about making decisions. Some will be good and some will not work.

The artist will often find ways to make the bad ones work…just like any policy maker, physician, or CEO.


2. The arts are a multi-billion dollar business. Arts related careers contribute to the economy. There are well-paying jobs in fashion, animation, graphic design, theater, architecture, etc.


3. Encourages self-expression. Not all of us are excellent writers, but we do have a point of view that is worthy of being shared. Helps the child develop confidence and self esteem.


4. Arts education improves over-all academic achievement. Math scores are higher for those who take music. Some studies show that kids who have some art education background perform better on tests.


source: http://blog.artsusa.org