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Fall Landscapes in Oil

By Shikha Bajaj

Fall Landscapes in Oil By Shikha Bajaj

Venue - Davis Library, Plano

Time - October 01 2019 - December 31 2019 


It is always nice when an organization asks to exhibit your work. This exhibition is a five piece loaner to the Davis Library till the end of the year. It includes fall landscapes and paintings of houses.

Landscapes in Oil By Shikha Bajaj

Venue - Davis Library, Plano

Time - 01June 2019 - 30 September 2019

Landscapes are rarely stationary. The light, the air and the flora change constantly. It is left to the artist to decide which moment in time they wish to capture. I have tried to depict scenes as if frozen for a moment in a natural stillness. I have been working on landscapes for a few years, and this is the first time that I have created a collection of landscapes in oil paints. The journey has been as educational and excruciating as exhilarating.

Plano Art Association Members' Show 2019 

Art Centre of Plano, Downtown Plano.

February 12 - March 29


This exhibit is exclusively for PAA members to showcase art that reflects the quality and diversity of work of the members. Both two-dimensional and three-dimensional works are exhibited. Fifty beautiful pieces of work produced by fifty PAA members will be on display.

The exhibit will be judged by Randy Guthmiller from the Nasher Sculpture Center. Randy leads the Nasher Visitor Experience program, and is an artist and an educator with deep roots in the artist community.

Global Reflections- Art the Universal language

The Gallery@ Courtyard, Plano

September 20- October 26 2018


All artwork has within it a cultural flavor of its own. This show is a special opportunity for members of Plano Art Association to show multicultural content. The exhibit will be held at The Gallery @ Courtyard featuring artworks that reflect the universal language of art. It is part of the 2018 Plano International Festival. More than 20,000 people are forecast to attend the Festival.

Art in the Library

Parr Library, Plano

September 2018

Art in the Library

Venue | Parr Library, Plano

Time | Ongoing - September 30 2018


The Plano Public Library System supports art in the community by displaying artists’ work in each of the five libraries. The Parr Library in Plano was kind enough to invite me to exhibit my “Florals in Watercolor” Collection. The exhibition runs through September.

Selected Watercolor Paintings - By Shikha Bajaj


Davis Library, Plano

April-May 2018

I was introduced to watercolor painting three years ago. Having mostly worked with oils and acrylics, I found watercolors excruciatingly temperamental. The results were never what I had envisaged at the onset of the painting. It took me time to comprehend that watercolor cannot be controlled. It is the artist that must bend to the will of the medium. It is only then that the true vivacity and brilliance of the medium emerges.


This exhibition features selected watercolors painted by me. It presents sixteen pieces with subjects ranging from still life and landscapes to portraits. It has been a brilliant journey for me. I hope you enjoy viewing these pieces as much as I have enjoyed creating them. 

Selected Watercolor Paintings - Global Reflections Multicultural Exhibit - Art, the Universal Language


13th annual Plano International Festival, PAA, Plano

September 2017

The seasons in my city 


Asia Fest Exhibition,

The Downtown Courtyard Theater, Plano

April 2014

Om- Multicultural Art Exhibit 


The Downtown Courtyard Terrace,

The PAA,


September 2013

The Story- The 'I am' Creator, Creative Creation Member Show


The Art Center of Plano, The PAA


March 2013

Fire- The Spring member show


The Frisco Gallery, The Visual Arts Guild of Frisco