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Falcom, May 2020

Sketching is a fundamental skill that all artists keep working on throughout their careers.

This falcon by 8 year old Advika demonstrates skill in capturing the essential shape of the bird along with her ability to add values by shading.


Color Pencils, April 2020

Color pencils are a humble tool offering a portable and easy to use medium to create great artwork.

We’ve been learning how to carefully blend colored pencils to create softer effects in compositions, and Garima (11years) has done a marvelous job in doing so.


Green Jug, February 2020

Akriti is a seven year old artist with an eye for order. Her drawings and paintings are always drawn accurately. Her coloring is always correct. Wanting to do things the right way comes naturally for her. Her endeavor for a perfect still life is very well demonstrated in this artwork. 


My identity, January 2020

Zainab is a sophomore in high school and a naturally gifted artist. In this painting she has depicted a few of the things that make her who she is. This painting is a visual representation of her identity. This was her entry to the Visual Arts Scholastic Event (VASE) in Frisco ISD. She received the highest possible grade for her work. Congratulations Zainab!

Anjali G

The Squirrel, December 2019

Anjali is new to Crimson Palette. This is quite a challenging first painting. To create depth and show value using a minimal palette of colors is not easy, but Anjali (10yrs) demonstrates that beautifully especially in the tail of the squirrel.

Anika G.

The Bird, November 2019

The most important part of the painting is getting the basic shape right at the start. Once we capture the posture, proportions, and angles of the bird, the rest of the job becomes much easier. Anika (14yrs) has drawn and painted this bird accurately, offsetting the yellow of the bird with pink flowers.

Savir C.

Bumblebee, October 2019

Some young artists put paint on a canvas reluctantly and painstakingly. And then there are some young artists who do it with flair and gay abundance. Savir (9yrs) is definitely the latter. He picks a canvas, chooses a subject and goes about the execution decisively and confidently. The bee is a simple but beautifully executed painting.

Akansh K.

Eagle, September 2019

Akansh (9yrs) is quite sure of the subjects that he wants to depict. Over here he has painted a wedge tailed eagle, native of Australia. He has tried to be as accurate as he could scientifically, without taking too many artistic liberties. 

Arjun P.

Cheetah, August 2019

We started the new academic year by learning how to draw and then paint animals. Arjun (10yrs) painted an image of a cheetah. He wanted to make it look menacing and he achieved that by creating a bold and dynamic crimson background. 

Gia S.

A few of my favorite things, July 2019

Gia is a precocious nine year old, who wants to paint her favorite things. The ice-cream is good enough to eat, and the paw print is most definitely front and centre. Do not miss the hashtags!

Savera B.

Red Shoes, June 2019

It’s most interesting when we take simple everyday objects and turn them into works of art. Young students often want to paint their favorite sport, their pets or in this case their favorite shoe. 

Savera (6yrs) draws an excellent profile of her red shoes and paints them with a flourish of bright colors.

Krithi G.

The wilting flower, May 2019

The flower is blooming and aflame in color, but that’s not the whole story. There’s a part of it that’s wilting. Notice the use of the turquoise color to accentuate the brightness of the flower, and the contrast between the different petals. Kirthi (15yrs) has really thought this one through. With this painting she exhibits a maturity in concept, design and execution.


Art Deco, April 2019

It’s a simple tape painting with color blocking and patterns. It’s also one of the first paintings that new students attempt. Romeesa (10yrs), however takes it to a whole new level. Her painting reminds me of the art deco movement of the 1930s. Her subtle use of shadowing enhances patterns and gives them a three dimensional look.


Farmhouse, March 2019

How does an artist create depth on a two dimensional paper. Arav (9yrs) explores the techniques of perspective drawing and usage of shades of color to create depth in his depiction of a farmhouse. 


Snowy Landscape, February 2019

A natural landscape is a highly detailed and complex composition. Painting a landscape presents a unique challenge of having to simplify and edit what we see to fit on to a canvas. The artist has to decide which features to put in and which to leave out. Nishil (10yrs) does a great job of picking the salient features of a farmhouse in this painting.

Rithu, Aarav, Arjun

Let them Eat Cake, January 2019

We have been learning how to paint food. It turns out that not only do we love to eat cake, we love to paint it too. Rithu (11yrs), Aarav (9yrs) and Arjun (10yrs) attempt to draw a slice of cake. It is so interesting to see how each student draws a different interpretation of the same image. The flavors changed somewhere down the line. The backgrounds evolved, and we had three different paintings of the same subject

Ananya C.

Pizza, December 2018


Every child has their own unique style of painting. Some like to put broad strokes and splashes of color, with less focus on realism, while some are meticulous and exact. Ananya’s painting style is definitely the latter. Continuing our collection of paintings of food, Ananya (12yrs) paints her favorite snack - a pizza. And if Ananya paints a pizza, it looks good enough to eat. 

Sameeksha G.

A Loaf of Bread, November 2018

Sameeksha G.


Sameeksha has been with Crimson Palette since we started. I have seen her grow from a little kid who liked to put color on paper,  to a young artist who is skilled and motivated. She has done a meticulous job with this painting, all aspects of which are excessively challenging: the wooden table, the folds of the fabric and the bread. 

Sameeksha is now working on a collection of paintings for her first solo exhibition. Imagine that!

Meghana D.

The Fried Egg, October 2018

The Fried egg

The simplest images are the hardest to paint. The painting of the fried egg by 12yr old Meghana is a testament of her ability to observe an image and her prowess as a painter in putting that image to a canvas. This is arguably her finest work to date.


Still Life, September 2018

Still Life

The still life, on the surface, seems ordinary and plain. Creating a  composite still life is a tedious process. Yet, it has been around since artists have painted. In the classroom, it teaches students about shape, color, light, and composition.  This still life by Darsh (11yrs) is made extraordinary by adding a golden background with very textured brush strokes.


Still Life, August 2018

Still Life

We keep trying to create three dimensional images on two dimensional surfaces, and then one day it happens. The splashes of paint on the canvas look like the image we are trying to represent. The breakthrough is a delightful event for any young artist. I present to you 9 year old Anvi’s still life, a perfect little orange by a wonderful young artist.


The Textured Fish, May 2018

The Textured Fish

Adarsh (13yrs) creates a three dimensional image of a fish using different types of texture. He used a combination of palette knives and brushwork to create this artwork.

Shreeya R.

Birthday Cake, April 2018

Birthday Cake

Shreeya is an irrepressible 7 year old with an excellent sense of proportion and color. She drew, painted and decorated this colorful birthday cake with seven candles with a neatness  and steadiness of hand, beyond her years. 

Rithu K.

My Nameplate, March 2018

My Nameplate

The directive was to create a pencil drawing using your name. The drawing had to represent our personality and individuality. Rithu (10yrs) gives us a colorful insight into her very full and very interesting persona.

Aryan B.

The Eye, February 2018

The Eye

We spent some time sketching and learning how to manipulate color pencils.  Aryan (12yrs) creates an abstracted image of an eye with vivid colors and shading techniques. 

Saarthak P.

Wolverine in Japan, January 2018

Wolverine in Japan

The first painting of 2018 is a Marvel (pun intended.) It seems like superheroes will reign supreme this year, and Saarthak (12 years) combines his love for comics and painting to create this edgy artwork.

Arsh S.

The leaping Jaguar, December 2017

The leaping Jaguar

You can see the rippling muscles of the Jaguar as he leaps into the air. This one is very well drawn, and accurately painted. The red background enhances the menacing nature of the image. An all round great job by Arsh (11years)

Anvi C.

Abstraction of Name, November 2017

Abstraction of Name

The directive was to showcase your personality using your name. Anvi (8yrs) uses striking neon colors to create an abstraction of her name placed in a cloud, which is her favourite symbol. 

Sameeksha G.

Tessellation, October 2017


Sameeksha(13yrs) creates a striking interaction of colors in this tessellation. She uses an array of cool colors, broken by blank spaces to create dynamic pattern that shows movement. 

Trisha D.

Metal Arm in Color pencil, September 2017

Metal Arm in Color pencil

“In the future, I hope to work for Marvel Studios as an artistic director. I love their movies, comics, and TV shows. I have drawn my favorite character, Bucky Barnes’s Infamous metal arm.” - Trisha (13yrs)

Meghana D.

Perspective Drawing, August 2017

We started the year with a toughie. Perspective drawing is as tricky as it sounds. Meghana (10yrs) tries her hand at drawing letters in 3-D and pulls it off with aplomb. Her coloring adds to the perspective of the drawing.

Aditya N.

Landscape , July 2017

A landscape is a drawing or painting of nature. The trick is in deciding what to put in the picture, and what to leave out. Aditya (10yrs) does a neat job of picking just the right elements in the painting. He has shown depth in the drawing by varying the shades of the foliage and in the shading of the roof. 

Darsh P.

June 2017

Darsh is a young boy who simply loves to paint. He comes to the art class jumping with enthusiasm and ideas. In this painting, he creates a fruity play on his name.

Aditya N.

The Peacock, May 2017

We draw what we see, and we paint what we imagine. This painting of a colorful peacock on an equally bright background creates striking imagery. He uses simple techniques to depict the signature patterns of the bird’s feathers.

Trisha D.

The Shoe, April 2017

Trisha creates magic with a black pencil. Her work is a testament to the principle that the more we draw, the better we get. She genuinely loves to sketch. She has created so many beautiful sketches, I find it difficult to pick just one.

Sameeksha G.

The Chair, March 2017

It is really hard to create a simple and clean composition that conveys the message without clutter. Sameeksha creates a beautiful visual of a single object, against a striking asymmetric background.

Ananya C.

Yellow Flower, February 2017

Our homage to Georgia ‘Okeefe, courtesy Ananya. This kind of painting is quite a challenge for any ten year old. Ananya was brave enough to go for it. It was a steep learning curve, but she more than lived up to the expectations. There is a depth of color, definition, and vividness.

Priya R.

Tomatoes & Garlic​, January 2017

A still life is defined as a work of art depicting mostly inanimate subject matter, typically commonplace objects. No art education is complete without it. This is a very realistic rendition of tomatoes and garlic by Priya (adult).

Gopika S.

Old Barn, December 2016

A painting of a quaint old barn. The pièce de résistance of this piece is the abstract rendition of the snowy mountain range in the background. Gopika (13yrs) has perfectly captured the essence of the old barn on the prairie.This piece was featured on the Maribelle Davis Library website

Arushi S.

Tubecaps​, November 2016

This is probably one of the most creative artworks that I have seen this year. The piece is composed of pieces of dried up paint that pops off of paint tubes. It has been meticulously arranged to create a bouquet of flowers. A very colorful creation by Arushi (13yrs).

Ava B.

A Tropical Bird for Pinka, October 2016

This beautiful painting of a tropical bird was made by Ava(11) for her ‘Pinka’ (granddad). She labored over it endlessly trying to get it as perfect as possible. I think we can safely assume that this won’t be a gift easily forgotten :)

Megha R.

Composite Sketch, September 2016

We started the year by going back to the basics. It’s a great barometer to see how much we’ve learnt and how far we’ve come. This is a still life of multiple objects. The idea is to correctly draw every object in relation to each other. A very accurate representation by Megha

Sumedha G.

Butterfly, May 2016

This year, the advanced students spent a lot of time learning the fundamental techniques of watercolor painting. This is a watercolor painting of a colorful flower and a colorless butterfly. Instead of looking odd, it makes the butterfly stand out. By removing color from the normally resplendent butterfly, Sumedha renders it unmissable. 

Ameya C.

A rocket in space​, April 2016

Ameya is an eight-year-old boy who loves to draw all kinds and planes, rockets and automobiles. He has drawn a scene in space with a rocket in vivid colors using color pencils. My favorite bit is the little astronaut out on a spacewalk. Love the details.

Gopika S.

Quirky Camera, March 2016

This acrylic on canvas is part of a sixteen canvas installation placed at the Davis library. I picked it for this month’s feature because it is such an intuitive illustration. The student demonstrated her ability to pick the most distinctive features of a camera leaving out all unnecessary details. A career in graphic design beckons.

Harika Y.

Yellow Birds, February 2016

Harika is a five year old who is full of stories. She has drawn a picture of two yellow birds escaping from a cage. There is a hungry cat with a menacing look in its eye waiting to see if it will get a chance to catch the birds. Will the birds escape through the big blue window or will they become lunch for the cat?

Ava B.

Still Life, January 2016

Ava’s first still life using acrylic paints. The purpose of this study is to create a three-dimensional figure using different shades of orange. The students learn to mix colors, handle brushes of different thickness, and to create contrasts. 

Arushi S.

The Black Sun, December 2015

An absolute surprise! I am always amazed at the way young minds work. When Arushi told me she wanted to paint the sun, I felt it was too simple an exercise for an artist of her caliber. However she has taken the symbol of the sun and turned it on its head to create a surprising and spectacular painting.

Gayatri S.

A study in contrasts, September 2015

A deceptively simple sketch of a ceramic teacup rendered in charcoal pencil and white pastel pencil. This shows light and shade in stark contrasts.

Aditya S.

A family of Owls, May 2015

Aditya is our youngest and newest student. He first created a drawing and then proceeded to color it in pencil colors. He used a dark blue for the sky because 'owls only come out at night :).’ His drawing is simple, uncluttered yet conveys a complete story about a family of owls in their natural setting. 


Mountains, April 2015

This is a complex composition with a lot of layers and details. Rachel made a bold choice of using a limited palette of two main colors in the entire painting. She has used multiple tints and shades of blue and green demonstrating her mastery of color mixing. 


Pink Tulips, March 2015

A deceptively simple sketch of a ceramic teacup rendered in charcoal pencil and white pastel pencil. This shows light and shade in stark contrasts.


Abstraction in Black & White, February 2015

Trisha is a 10 year old with a passionate love of everything purple. The black and white drawing is a departure from her natural tendencies for bright color. The abstract design was a challenging assignment  for her but she executed it skillfully to produce a beautiful drawing. 


Glass Painting, January 2015

Jia’s willingness to try new projects is unwavering. This is her first attempt at a glass painting. She exhibited a steadiness of hand while leading her art piece and filling it with color. 

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